Throwing the Perfect Hot tub Party!

So the hot tub season is among us, why not catch up with friends and family! Hot tubs are a great way to relax and connect with family and friends. Here a few tips to make your next hot tub party one to remember.

1.Aromatherapy and Scents: Why not add a new scent to your hot tub water? PharmaSpa has a great line of natural products that will offer a great experience and keep you feeling fresh as you leave the hot tub.

2. Booster Seats: Hot tubs offer greats massages, but not for every height. A booster seat is a great option for someone who finds a seat to deep or wants to cool down. These can be added to any hot tub and will not cause issues with the hot tub shell either!

3. Spa Caddy: Need a safe flat space for drinks and music? Spa Caddies will give you a secure safe place to store drinks, blue tooth music players and towels as you enjoy a soak. The spa caddies are fastened to any hot tub and rotate into the hot tub when in use and off when they are not!

4. Floating LED Lights: Lighting is a great twist any hot tub party. Floating LED lights or disco balls will get any hot tub party going. These lights are water proof and will float around as you enjoy your hot tub.

5. Foam Party: We have all heard of these parties, why not have one in your back yard? Simple added a capful of bubble bath to any hot tub and your offer and running! When your done, simply add de-foamer and your bubbles are gone!

Hot tubs offer more then just relaxation & therapy.Why not invite friends and family over this season for a hot tub party they won’t forget.

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