Warranty and Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty Information

The hot tubs and spas purchased from Used Hot Tubs Canada come with an included 60 day warranty. For additional peace of mind, an extended warranty is available – please contact us for more information on our extended Used Hot Tubs Canada warranty program.

At Used Hot Tubs Canada, each and every hot tub and spa we list for sale on our website undergoes rigorous quality assurance tests, to ensure our customers are nothing but satisfied with their purchase. We call this the Used Hot Tub Quality Certification Test, and only one in every 3 hot tubs we test will make the cut and be added to our listings.

Our used hot tub experts attend auctions and buy inventory from across the country, reviewing hundreds (if not thousands) of hot tubs each and every year. Our team of experts are trained to know what makes a hot tub desirable and a great value to our customers. If we wouldn’t buy it for ourselves, we don’t purchase it to sell to our customers – it’s simple as that!

A Used Hot Tub won’t Be Sold On Our Website if:

  • If has been subject to excessive wear and tear
  • If the history of the hot tub is unknown
  • If the hot tub is not a great value for our customers

After purchasing a used hot tub, it has to pass our Used Hot Tub Quality Certification Test to be sold on our website. This inspection includes:

  • Thoroughly checking and testing the tubs pump(s), jets and hydraulics
  • Thoroughly checking and testing any light systems, control panels, and all other electronic components
  • Thoroughly inspecting the body and interior of the tub for damage, wear and tear, stains, etc

We scrutinize our hot tubs like no other, to ensure our customers get the best value for their dollars. And of course, every hot tub we sell comes backed by a minimum 60 day warranty, with extended warranties available for added peace of mind.

When you shop with Used Hot Tubs Canada, you can shop with confidence, knowing our products are only of the highest possible quality and fully inspected, inside and out, to guarantee your peace of mind.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Purchase a Hot Tub From Used Hot Tubs Canada?

– Currently, only if you live in the province of Ontario, Canada, can you purchase a Hot Tub or Spa from us. We may expand in the future – please check back often for more updates.

How Do I Order a Hot Tub From Used Hot Tubs Canada?

– Even though our prices are available online, all of our purchases are finalized over the phone, as delivery charges vary depending on your location.

How Much Will The Delivery of My Hot Tub From Used Hot Tubs Canada Cost?

– If you are located between Hamilton and Mississauga, or Niagara and Brantford, your delivery charge will be $410 + HST. If you are outside of these regions, please contact us for a free quote for your delivery.

Can I Personally Pick Up My Hot Tub or Spa From You?

– If you are located in the St. Catharine’s, Ontario area, and have a vehicle capable of carrying a large item like a hot tub or spa, you may pick up your hot tub or spa after it has been ordered. Please contact us for more details.
If you have a question or concern not addressed above, please contact us for more information – one of our experts may be able to answer your question by phone or email.