Covana CS1000


The Covana CS1000 is made to fit any swim spa in the market today. The turn key top will make accessing your swim spa easy and safe. Standard swim spa covers can be quite cumbersome to deal with, but the Covana CS1000 requires a simple key to open and close. No more lifting or storage necessary!

The Covana CS1000 creates the perfect, all year round swimming and exercise environment, and while using the Covana CS1000, you’ll save big on chemicals and heating costs. The Covana CS1000 is a sealed unit, therefore it keeps and prevents chemicals, heat and water from escaping.

The Covana CS1000 can hold up to a massive 600 lbs of snow while in the down (closed) position, and it can even operate and open with up to 200 lbs of snow on top of the cover.