Why Would I Buy A New Hot Tub Over A Used Hot Tub?

Why buy a new hot tub over a used one? What is the best option? Is a new hot tub better then a used hot tub?

To answer the question, why would I buy a new hot tub over a used hot tub you have to be realistic with your expectations. New and used hot tubs are very similar to the car industry. Are new cars for everybody? NO. Yet thousands of new and used cars are sold year after year. Every consumer has different wants, needs and expectations for any product, and once you consider your wants, needs and expectations, you will know what option is best for you! So let’s weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of both new and used hot tubs.

Used Hot tubs:

The biggest reason customer’s continue to buy used hot tubs is TO SAVE MONEY or HAVE GREATER PURCHASING POWER FOR THE MONEY. Either way, by decided to buy a used hot tub you are SAVING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the price of a new hot tub. As an example, let’s say you’re considering spending $5000 on a hot tub. Your dollar goes much further buying a used hot tub vs new, and allows you to take advantage of more available options, larger size, more features, etc when compared to buying a new one. You are able to shop the best brands in the industry that you may not have been able to do otherwise.

First time hot tub buyer? Some concerns voiced by our customers are:

  • Am I going to use the hot tub?
  • Does it offer the right massage?
  • Is it the right size?
  • How well does it perform?

All of these are valid concerns when considering buying a hot tub. However, by saving thousands of dollars, combined with how selective we are about the tubs we choose to sell, as well as the steps we go through to ensure all of our tubs exceed our very high standards before they go online for sale, our customers have been able to eliminate a large portion of these concerns.

The question is not “Can I afford to do it?” – it’s more like “CAN I AFFORD NOT TO DO IT?” Let’s face it: everyone’s life is busier now than ever. The pressure from work, family and life in general are only getting greater, and what are you doing about it? It’s time to get some well deserved relief. A hot tub offers many health benefits as well as both relaxation and reconnection with your family and friends. A used hot tub brings the dream of owning a hot tub to reality.

New Hot tubs:

You do get the “ New Car Smell”, and buying new allows you more flexibility when it comes to picking all the new features, size and colour that you want. You are able to see the latest and greatest in the hot tub industry, and pick the best option based on your specific wants and needs. You do have peace of mind that you warranty does cover a more extended time frame then buying used, and you know the exact history of the hot tub from time of manufacturing to landing in your backyard.

So as you can see, the best answer to why buy new over used can only be answered by you, depending on what is of most importance to you. Both options offer great advantages.