New and Used Hot Tubs – How Much Do They Really Cost?

How much does a hot tub cost? ….. or ….. What’s the price of a hot tub?


Hot tub pricing can range from $2999 to $15,999. The range in price can be very easily explained. A hot tub starting at $2999 provides you with a relaxing hot water experience while warm water swirls around you. These hot tubs usually have 10 to 15 jets and 1 pump. One of the best ways to spend your time is soaking in hot water – we can give you a number of reasons why soaking in a hot tub is good for you, but that’s for another article.

Now comes what we like to call the “COOL STUFF”. Things like jets, more horse power, accessories – lifters, steps, towel racks, stereos and salt water systems to name a few… Just keep in mind the more stuff you add the higher the price will be. The easiest way to help you make your decision is to break the pricing down to price ranges. Optimal price points are $1100 – $2999, $3000 – $4999, $5000 – $6999, $7000 – $8999, $9000 – $11,999 and $12,000 and up. View what price point you’re comfortable with and see if what you’re getting is worth the price. That’s called value.

At Used Hot Tubs Canada, we strongly recommend you take the short time it takes to look at the next price range up, and see what the difference would be and what you could get for that extra bit of money. Then, ask yourself: “Do I see the value for the price?” It’s pretty surprising how much more spa you can get for a few extra dollars!

To make it easy for you, shop in our price ranges. See what you get for the dollar difference, decide if what you get is worth the value, pick the tub and start enjoying the benefits of hot water – it’s easy! Isn’t that the way a shopping experience should be? There is no time like now to start looking!